Longing for Viva Las Vegas!

I’m trying to figure out this blog-thing still, I know, it’s really super easy I guess but I’m a complete dinosaur with these things! Way too advanced for me, haha.

Just thought I’d write a few words at least.

It’s offing cold here now and I HATE IT. I don’t care that I live in a country that has winter every year, I STILL HATE IT. I didn’t ask to be born here! So YES, I AM gonna bitch and whine about it until it gets better (as in I MOVE TO VEGAS). Next year, or in 4 months (That sounds a LOT better) I’m going back to Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend! You are definitely missing out if you haven’t been there yet! The palm trees alone are reason enough to go, but Viva… Woooow! The event of the year! And this time I entered the pinup-contest. We’ll see if I get picked or not, I don’t know if I want to or not. Ha. The nerves, THE NERVES! Standing on a stage again and talk to a crowd. I piss my pants thinking about it. But in a weird way its fun too. Like I said, we’ll see:-p The entry is open until Dec 20 so…. Just have to wait and see.

Vegas is great not only because of Viva, but I got to know a bunch of great people the first time I was there. That was 2 years ago. I really wish I could visit more often than once a year… I miss all of the people there all the time! A wee bit more rockabilly-people in Vegas than it is here in Trondheim. I can count the people here on one hand, haha. When I go outside people stare like I’m a freak. I get tired of it from time to time. So when it gets dark and cold I just wish I could leave this place. Bah.

Alrighty then. Time to take another shot at this blog…thing.

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