Christmas vacation!

Aww yiss!

Going home for two weeks tomorrow, its about time! Haven’t started decorating at home yet. I look forward to cleaning the house (its true, I swear!), washing clothes and decorating and preparing for my family to come. For the first time ever I’m having Christmas at my place. We have always spent it at my parents place. I’m excited!

What I’m also excited about is that I registered Pinup Norway and made a Pinup Norway-website. I did it all by myself! But there is still some things I need to figure out though… Haha. The idea of registering a name was to create a place for all the pinups/burlesque-girls, photographers, make-up artists and other people who are interested in the pinup- and retro culture in Norway to gather. There is nothing like this here today and I thought it might be a good idea to try to get us all to connect in some way. We can give each other tips and advice on stuff, give shout-outs to events and happenings and just be a place to go if any from «the outside» needs to get in touch with pinups for some reason.

I just hope it will work, that people engaged will take advantage of this networking. I hope that Jante isn’t that present in a way that makes all the girls involved competitive and not interested in supporting and helping each other out. I don’t know, I’m all new to this. I don’t know any other girl in my town who’s into pinup even. There are very few rockabillys or retro people. So this might be a struggle to get working, I think about it every night when I go to sleep. I have to find a way to make it work!

Pinup is great, you can be whoever you are and it is ok. You’re never too old, too fat, too skinny, too black, too white… Its just great! That is a big part of why I want pinup to be more established here. I want to show girls that you can love your body just the way you are. Everybody can be a pinup. If not as a lifestyle you can be it for one day. Just stand in front of a camera and take pictures that will make you look fantastic. Show off what curves you got and just be on top because you are feminine and strong. I just love that!

Ah well.. I hope some experienced and engaged soul will reach out and help me out;-)

Better start packing for tomorrow! And when I get home I’m having a drink. I need it after all this hard work this year.

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