Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas

What do you think about this for a wreath?

After a rather boring start to this year’s Christmas vacation it still looks like it is going to be a great Christmas. We just packed the car and got going, drove for about an hour and then the car decided to break down. Luckily not the engine but the break on the back right side. It felt like we were running in eternal pot holes. Nothing to do but call the tow truck (again) and rent a car for the holiday. Not so cool, but nothing to do about that.                                I was looking forward to a road trip in this beauty, instead I had to drive a Honda Jazz hybrid. It’s so small it probably fit in Fat Doris’ trunk!                              This is what the roads looks like now. Its perfect for Christmas! And can you spot the car in front? Kinda cool when the car ahead of you whirls up the snow so you can’t see it.     Here is the little front yard all decorated. I guess the flamingos aren’t happy with standing in the snow.And this is the living room. I just love when the house is all clean and tidy!This is my lovely Christmas tree. I almost died when I saw this at the store, all pink! Yay for plastic trees!And of course the bar is well filled now. Ready for the invasion of my family.

Now its all dark outside and it started snowing again. Nice and cosy, but I hope the snow melts away right after Christmas. Snow sucks, really. And the cold. And the fact that I live too far North. For the next couple of days I’m staying inside, enjoying all the good food (and drinks) and the company of my family.

Have a cool yule!

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