A little Christmas update

The family has left the building and peace and Serenity is upon us. Hah.

We had a great time! Don’t get to talk and hang with my sisters too much in the busy everyday life so it was nice to have them here for days.

Today we had turkey for dinner, it was soooo good! OMG. Still got enormous amounts left, so I guess its gonna be turkey leftovers for days:-p Well, its Christmas only one time a year and its all about the food so I’m not holding back!                                Pic my sister took one night. I love the sky in it and the little moon you see just on top of the trees.

                            I like winter when it looks like this, but only for Christmas. So for about one more week its ok but then I really, really hope summer gets here! Haha. Today its been FREEZING here, about -25C/-13F in mid-day. And I had to be outside, Jesus Christ.

 Here is a view of the backyard. There is a little gang of squirrels living in the trees here, we see them from time to time.

And what did I get for Christmas, you wonder? I’m going to Stockholm for a weekend AND I get to learn to sass my ass by none other than Mrs. Murphy! I’ve been wanting to got to one of her classes for a long time, but never had the money. So last weekend of January I get to go! Yay! She really is the Agent of Fabulousness. I just love her! And I love Stockholm, its a beautiful city. Aaand, I guess there will be shopping! Gotta check if there’s some shows I can go to, you know, get to see some live burlesque. Aaaaw yiss! Check out her fb-page here https://www.facebook.com/FabulousMrsMurphy

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