New year, new challenge!

I’ve always hated these new years resolution-stuff. I think its just stupid. If you want to change, then do it. Regardless of the time of year. But, I just watched this movie about a guy who only had vegetable juice for 60 (!!!) days. I’m NOT doing that but I am trying it for 10 days. And then I’m replacing two-three meals a day with this juice. I only hope it doesn’t taste like shite! Bah. Now this is the movie (or documentary) I’m talking about. Worth watching if you need some inspiration to lose weight! If those guys can do it, I sure as Hell can!

  And no juice without a blender and vegetables! Making the first juice tonight so I can bring to work tomorrow. Its going to be a loooong day. I’ve been on a shake-diet once before and it was a pain in the behind! The feeling of «eating» when you’re not chewing any food at all. Your stomach is full but your eyes and mind is NOT. Oh laaawd.

To make my day a bit easier, please go vote for me in the Miss Viva Las Vegas pinup contest 😉 How do I do that, you wonder? Just visit, scroll down the contestants until you see my picture (Serenity Siren) and click «vote». You should get an e-mail with a link, please click that link to confirm your vote. You can only vote once pr IP-address and a-mail address, so if you already did it, YAYTHANKYOU!, you don’t need to do it again. Multiple votes will be deleted. So, wish me luck in both these challenges!

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