Strolling by the sea

I actually went outside in the cold weather today. Went for a little walk at the shore here. Except from the very slippery ice EVERYWHERE it was nice. Still, I’m glad I’m back inside all snuggled up in my blanket.This was taken at, say, 3 o’clock in the afternoon. Its already getting dark! I am SO glad that it is slowly getting getting brighter, I really miss daylight! And I just can’t wait for summer to get here so I can spend all day laying around in the grass listening to the waves. When the sun is up until 10 at night. Well, in little over 2 months I’m going to Vegas. To the sun and heat. I need it so bad! Gah. It makes me live through the winter, knowing that I will be going to a nice, warm place while its still cold and dark here.

It was refreshing with a little stroll, though. Got to use muscles I didn’t know I had when I was doing my best to keep my balance on the deceiving ice. Its been snowing just a little, so you can’t always see the ice laying there under the snow. Until you step on it and almost break your face. I didn’t fall, but I was darn close more than once! Got more exercise than I bargained for. It got me hungry, too. So now its time to think about dinner! Dinner….Mmm. Food.

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