Weekend in Stockholm

I spent this weekend together with my husband in Stockholm. We have been there quite a few times and I love it!This picture is like heaven for a Norwegian. Cheapest beer ever!

 Our hotelroom for the weekend. We stayed at Best Western Time Plus or something like that. Ha.Champagne is just mandatory. Not just for staying at hotels, but also for the weekends. This time we got company by Moët & Chandon. Yummy!

The reason for this stay was not only that we are romantic as f*ck, it was my husbands Christmas present to me. I got a spot at Mrs Murphy’s School of High Heels!

More of that later on… 😉 Mainly because our luggage got lost and with that my iMac and camera. It will be here tomorrow. I have lost my patience with this stupid iPad so I better finish off before I break it :-p

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