Tiki drinks weekend!

Last weekend we arranged a meeting for the car club, and for the evening a few popped by to have some drinks.

                                  It’s never wrong with a little Möet & Chandon for starters! Followed by a tiki drink made of coconut cream, banana liqueur and rum and then one with coconut juice with another dash more of banana liqueur (YUMMY) and malibu.

                       And look what I also did! I made dinner on Saturday AND breakfast on Sunday! Much impress. I only have a kitchen because it came with the house.   This is the very nice and slippery ice road we had to drive on our way back to Trondheim. It was raining, too. It got so bad (and dangerous) to drive we had to stop and stay at a hotel overnight. It took 6 hours on a stretch that usually takes 1 hour. Cuh-razyyy!

                         These guys were just hanging around (ba-dum-tss) at the hotel we checked in at, the Åre Continental Inn. Never met a bear IRL yet (thank God) but I have met quite a few moose. Also, moose with calves. Then you better keep your distance! Haha.

This weekend we will be going back home again, and I have some exciting designing for a poster to do 🙂

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