Ceci Twist vintage shop

The sun was shining when I woke up today. Not that far until spring is here now!       We made ourselves a real nice bacon and egg breakfast and then took the car out for a spin. Visited a vintage shop some friends told us about, it is GREAT!

And this is the result:                                                                                                                    I just love the color on this baby doll! And it has matching panties! Boobs were kinda big for this, but I managed to squeeze them in. Push-up effect!

And this! WHAT a color! Perfect under a dress, haha. I just need to lose some weight, I thought it would fit but my thighs and ass is getting out of control. I need to tame them! The yellow knitted top fits like a glove (whew!). The black purse is just perfect! I’ll post a better picture later on if the demands gets really great. Of course the skirt of the set was too tight too. Hahaha. The jacket is perfect. Bread and water-diet for me! Another nightgown! I just love these. And a pattern. Just because.

Well, although I pretty much grown out of all my clothes I couldn’t resist a little cake at a bakery. Comfort cake because I barely got anything to wear.

I know what you are thinking, you rude bastard! NO, I did NOT eat all of that by myself. Sheesh. I had the chocolate cake with whipped cream (ahem). Aaaand maybe a little taste of the pink cheesecake. Just a little taste, I swear.

Whatever. Now I’m having tacos. Because fat. And depressed. Food solves my problem. Yes.

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