And now I am officially broke.

Thank God Wednesday is payday! Because we visited yet another GREAT vintage store today. Been there many times before and they ALWAYS got something I want! Today was no except.Look! A dear friend of mine gave me a green one and today I found these two! Yes! SCORE!

This dress is just perfect for wearing around the house when I’m doing my housework. Hubby happy.These are from the 60s. Never been used as you can see. They were really cheap, too! The seller got a lot of these and this was the only pair left when we got there. All the rest was sold to one person who came in and wanted them all (I guess he is going sell them for a high price..). We had already contacted the seller and asked if they could spare a pair for us. Good thing we did that!And for the girl who can’t thread a needle (that would be me). Those flower-buttons are so beautiful! Got no idea what I’m going to use them for, but at least I have them now. My precioussss. And some stuff I don’t need. I just want it.

Got junk you want to get rid of? Call 1-800-serenityisahoarder!

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