Work n’stuff

Been busy every night of the week with helping friends fix up their apartment so there hasn’t been much time for.. well, anything really:-p

Thought I’d just show you how my days at work look like.Hubba hubba! This is what we look like at work (me and my husband). Trying my best to look old school, quite happy with the new shirt (or lumberjack blouse, as they call it, hehe).This is from the old building we’re restoring. When you think of the fact that this was built in 1910 is quite amazing that there is only two colors on the staircase. That means that it has only been painted two times.I’m excited to start painting this, I love painting old stairs, doors and windows!Windows that has been scraped clean from flaking paint. Outside, a car with a light coat of snow on it. *barfAnd then there is THIS. Nice, huh? Got them today, a very good friend of mine made them for me 🙂 Love them! Now I can pretend to be a VIP, too.

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