Weekend of makeovers

Been working my fingers to the bone this weekend helping friends and family out with their homes. A couple I know are planning on selling their apartment to buy a house, and they really need help fixing the place. And one of my big sisters just bought herself a new home for her and her two daughters and that place needed some fixing too.

No rest for the wicked!Preparing for setting the wallpaper at my sister’s place.

Just put on the glue and sticking the wallpaper together. So the glue doesn’t dry out before I get to set the wallpaper on the wall. Tricky tricky.What I love most about setting wallpaper is leaning forward while I glue the backside. So good for my lower back. It doesn’t hurt a bit!And off we go!The wallpaper had a nice design, but dear Lord, it was cheap! Don’t get me wrong, the price was not at all low but the quality of the wallpaper… Tsk tsk. I hate how all those stores who’s supposed to sell you paint, wallpapers and the stuff you need to get it done right just sell you the cheapest shit there is. At a stiff price and with really «handy» sales persons. Yeah right. And the regular guy doesn’t have a clue so he’ll buy it, thinking that everything is going to turn out great. And then people like me comes around and just «No. Just no.» Hehe.

Now I’m going to take a shower and just relax. Tomorrow its a new week of work again! Did I hear anyone cheer? No, didn’t think so.

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