Phew! Finally finished with the makeover!

My sister’s apartment is finally redone, all the wallpaper and painting is done! And next week I’ll be out of town all week for work and when I get back there is only 1 and 1/2 week left until VEGAS!! Gaaaah!

This is one of the two rooms we set wallpaper in.And this is the other one. I love the colors in this! Happy wallpaper 🙂

I am REALLY looking forward to some time off. Just relax and chill by the pool. I actually deserve it! Aww yiss.

The only thing is I gained weight so I have outgrown almost everything I have..Waaah. Stupid medication I’ve been on! I’ll be spending this summer in a sack. Just cut holes for the head and arms. Start a new trend called «wearing a sack and taking a bath in the seagrass».

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