Well, things didn’t quite turn out as expected

This week I was supposed to be out of town for work. Well, I’m back again. Haha. Turns out that when we arrived at the job (it was five of us) that things weren’t as they should. Not enough heat although it was promised it would be fixed and lots and lots of dirt where we was going to paint.This is me, all dolled up. We barely started cleaning and preparing the surfaces for spray painting  but then the job got called off. It wouldn’t have been right according to the guidelines to continue working under the conditions we had.Found this. No one wanted to smell to check what is was.View from the camping cottage, as we call it. Or bungalow. Whatever. It was a really nice camping so its was a little boring having to abort mission and go home. I was looking forward to spend a week in these environments.The weather could have been nicer, though. Winds from Hell and rain/snow. And when you’re  out by the coast its ten times worse. Humid and cold as f*ck. Brrrr!

Sooo, now I’m back in town ready for a weekend of shenanigans. Birthday party this Friday and good ol’ music event on Saturday. I say bring your flask!

I just have to live through 3 more days of work. Bah.

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