Day of exploring

This Friday I partied and Saturday there was also party. I bought this new rum I’ve never seen before, Pink Pirate Raspberry. IT WAS PINK. Of course I bought it. And drank it. And it was gooo-ood! Mixed it with Sprite, yummy!If anyone wonders, the bottle is now empty.

Yesterday we were a gang of 5 who went to see a band who started out in 1960, and they are still going strong! They were great!There they are, The Blue Star Band. Two of the members actually played in the same band as my dad back in the days. Dad played the saxophone and the band won prizes for being awesome. Its true though, they got prizes for being a great band. Yep, thats my dad.I even got to dance a little bit. With my two left feet. I think I managed alright.And today we had breakfast buffet at this place, Britannia Hotel. Its such a beautiful hotel, really elegant. The restaurant is called Palmehaven, something like the Palmgarden. Its like jugend-style inside, love it!

I remember going here with my family every Sunday for breakfast when my dad’s aunt was still alive. Haven’t been here for years!I just love when the old style is preserved in buildings. I just sit and study all the details and wish I had an old house I could bring back to it’s former glory. If someone just could give me the money to buy one!Just look at this… Sigh.

We (me, hubby and another couple) went for a drive all over town later on. Our friend has taken out his glorious Impala so we cruised around the countryside. Saw some new places I’ve never been and took some pictures along the way.   More of that tomorrow, now I want to cuddle up under a blanket and watch a movie half asleep.

Tomorrow is a new day! Lost my job last Thursday so lets see what tomorrow brings. Bring it on, life!

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