Treasures from the past

We went for a little drive around the county to see some of the old abandoned houses and other stuff just left in the woods around here. I think its exciting, it makes me think of how it used to be a long, long time ago…You can only wonder how things ended up where they are today.And just look at these! Just lying around in an old barn nobody sets foot in anymore.Black Boy grinded cinnamon, I love this! Almost like black Americana, only its Norwegian :-pAnd when do you think someone last made a meal on this? Haha. Its beautiful, though! Restore this and you got yourself a gem!Steering wheel, anyone? It seems to grow out here in the forest, just go pick one that fancies you.Old clothe-hangers (or what its called). So cool with the yarn around the hanger!Stavanger flint. Norwegian design. Laying around in an old cabin no one ever visits anymore.This looked like it has been a house used to have gatherings in. It is so tiny and cute! Its really sad that it is just falling apart. Nobody cares.This is the inside, taken through a window. This is the kitchen of the house. And another stove! Just like the one in the other house. Looks brand new.This couch! ❤ It was a matching chair in the other corner. I just can’t believe people has just left the furniture like that.  Heartbreaking.Like I said earlier, I always wonder how it all looked back in the days. The houses, the vehicles, the furnitures… What happened? Why is it all just abandoned? When was the last time someone took a dance in the red little house? Or someone sat in the green couch having coffee? I wish I could go back in time just to see.

You know, these are the things that keeps me awake at night, haha. I could just go on and on with daydreaming about all this. Wishing I could bring it all back to its former glory…

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