Preparing for Viva

Next Friday I leave this cold, cold place for some sun and fun! Yay! Viva is almost here, I have waited for a whole year now.

And a couple of days ago I was told I’ve been picked as a contestant in the swimsuit contest!! AHMAGAD. Good thing I already bought some hair clips to go with the suit 😉Look at these Carmen Miranda-inspired hair fruits! I just LOVE them! Got them on Etsy, hard to choose from all the great sellers there.

I also fixed glasses in my vintage frames so I FINALLY can use them. Bought them at last year’s Viva.. ehem. They are just beautiful and I am so happy to have them done!Now I look sooo smart wearing them. Or so I like to believe.

The only really bad thing now is that the bathing suit I entered for the competition has shrunk. So now I got 4 buttcheeks wearing it instead of two… Looks like the next two weeks I’ll be living on water. Can’t get on stage looking like a stuffed sausage! Bah.

Well.. we’ll see how this ends. I’m going to Viva anyway!

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