Life is sweet

So good to be back in Vegas! Feels just like home 🙂

Spent the day with a dear friend who came in from Florida last night, we ate some real good mexican food and did a little shopping.

Just had to post a picture of this, we’re sleeping in a vibrating bed! That is so kitschy cool!

And these babies was waiting for me when I arrived. Just going to change the wheels and we are good to go! Beautiful!

This is the backyard at the House of Cheer. Pool, sun beds, beautiful roses… what else do you need?

Some tourist pics from the strip. We wanted to eat at Hash a go go’s, but it was PACKED. There was a long line on the outside, so we just «ah, f*ck it» and we went to eat at the Peppermill. Turns out when we get there that the lounge and restaurant is closed. Then we thought «hey, let’s eat at Chicago Joe’s». And when we got there it was CLOSED! Gaaah! We ended up at Casa de Don Juan, fantastic place and great food.

Mirage as we passed by. The strip is really cool at night time when all the lights are on, but I love downtown and all the vintage shops there. The strip is too touristy, once is enough – you don’t need to go there every time you’re here.

The Forum shops. The whole area around Cesar’s Palace is fantastic. A feast for the eyes. I’m glad that Viva is located outside the strip though, its kinda stressful there with all the crowd and all the noise. Music EVERYWHERE you go. Inside and outside.

But its Vegas and I love it! All the palm trees and the clear blue sky. The only worry I have now is to get my feet presentable to the shoot in two days :-O They do not look good after all that walking..heh.. And they hurt! I’ll just wear thick socks. Or something… :-p

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