Car show part 2

So here’s some more cars for you guys!

I love these pick up trucks! Look at that grill ❤My friend Eric worked at for Hamm’s at the car show, so we stopped by the trailer and got to sit in the shade with sandwiches and beer! So nice for sore feet (and good for the throat, too).Shiny crome, sweet! And look at the spider web over the rear wheels..Wow! Awesome detail.And of course, the PINK Cadillac! Every girl’s dream! At least my dream… To drive around in this beauty with the top down.. Priceless!

I just pray I win the lottery some day soon. I guess I’ll have to start buying lottery tickets to win, so maybe I’ll start there. And when I win I’m packing my bags and buying a car ASAP. So please, dear God, help a girl out!

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