Las Vegas update!

Been enjoying these days to the fullest. Now I’m just sad I have to leave in two days.. boohoo!

Thought I’d share some pictures from Viva Las Vegas, first from the car show. The next few days you’ll get bombed with Vegas-pics so just brace yourselves!

Yes. PINK. I love it!I love these cars with gangster caps, it give them such an attitude. When I move here I’m getting one of these as my daily driver!Just look how cool they are! This rod ain’t too bad either.I think we have about 5 – 600 car pictures, so I just picked a few to post here. It’s crazy how many nice cars there is at the car show. A wee bit too much of the trailer queens perhaps, it would be fun to see more ongoing projects and cars that actually is driven from time to time.The smoking hot Nikki Napalm posing for a photographer at the show. Bet these pictures will turn out great! Love her red hair and the green bikini, very Poison Ivy.Movie car! Yay!This one is awesome! Drag-ula 😉 Love show cars, too. Fun to see all the themes and how the ones creating them works with the theme.Now THIS I want! Short and stubby, so cute!

I got more pics too, but my goddamned eye is killing me so I have to go rinse it. Got a very microscopic amount of sunblock in it and it it won’t stop burning and it keeps tearing up ALL THE TIME. Already rinsed it two times, but its just going crazy right now. It gets like that when I cut onions too. In worst case I have irritable eyes the rest of the day. AAAARRRRGH!!

Stay tuned for more pics:-)

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