Home, errr, sweet home

Actually I’m not too sure about that. After 24 hours of traveling we got off the plane only to see snow and feel cold air. No more palm trees and warm sun!

I’m really fed up with the winter now, its long enough as it is! April and still snow, I just came back from the desert. I don’t want this! Bah. Have to wear pants.. OMG.

So now I’m looking through pictures. That were taken only a few days ago. Seems like an eternity right now!Just look at this. My blue-white thighs getting they share of the sun. I got a little sunburn from this, haha. Forgot my sunblock and then we stayed at the pool all day on Sunday. This is the swimsuit I competed with.Cute girls from Deep Eddy. They even gave me a chapstick with lemon. Free stuff, yay!This year’s pool party wasn’t as crowded as last year. No line to get in and the pool was half full during the swimsuit contest.First contestant up! I love her suit, its so bright and colorful. This girl was from New York. Really sweet girl.Go Sweden! It was this girl from Sweden and me from Norway, and the rest of the contestants were American girls. 15 in total.Looking good!I think this was the girl who paid like $5 for her suit. A real catch!This girl had a beautiful Hawaiian skirt that looked like grass or palm tree leaves when she entered stage. Really cool. And the hair flowers. Ermehrgerd.

And this girl had a matching jacket for her suit, I’ve been looking at suits like these but never found any that fitted my wallet. Lucky girl!And yours truly. Lets just say I really hate being on stage with all these people looking. AND I had to speak English too, which gets really hard when I’m nervous. But still I had fun, who cares. I glad I did it!All of us together on stage. Look at all the beautiful pieces (yes, the suits)!And of these lovely ladies won. My personal favorite is the pink suit, it was just so adorable! The girl too.You can only wonder what she’s saying here… 😉 The big winner was the bikini girl!The winner, 2., 3. and the «honorable mention» with the judges. And since I suck with names, all I know is that Angelique Noir is in the middle. Last year’s winner and one of the most beautiful pinups I’ve ever seen. Lisa Love is in there too. Yes. I do suck with names. And faces.

Anyway, this was a really fun experience! I’ve been sooo nervous for months but I don’t regret the decision to compete for a second. I’d do it all over again! 

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