California dreaming

It’s been raining almost every day since I came back from Vegas. What. The. Hell. One of my friends posted a picture from our trip to the Mojave desert today, man, it seems like a thousand years ago. Two weeks ago I was wearing shorts and had the air conditioner on in the car. Brutal to come home to chill weather and rain, rain, rain. And jackets. And warm shoes (flip-flop whaaa?).Palm trees and sun beds at the Hyatt Regency Beverly Hills. This must be another planet.Tourist much? Naah. The food was alright though.Pam and I. Don’t ask because I got no clue what I’m doing here. Ah well, one can’t always look smashing.The million dollar car built by John D’Agostino. YES PUH-LEASE! Tourist-trap nr 2 in Hollywood.We went to Tonga hut! AND bought a tiki mug. And of course had a drink also. I mean, you can’t be in a bar and not drink. Thats like going to church and not pray to God. We ate at Norm’s. I think we’re tourist world champions. Muscle beach. No muscular hunks there. Boring.Oh, just playing some basketball in the sunshine in April. No need for a snowplow here.This concrete makes me want to cry. Why, WHY do we have asphalt EVERYWHERE here? Or even better, cobblestone. Yes. Try roller skating on that. Preferably with no pads. I was so sad I didn’t bring my skates for this trip. I didn’t know I was going to roller skate heaven.This was a great outfit day for me. Pink hair, RED top and a pink purse to top it all off. No wonder I look so happy.I could run around all day in this sand! So warm and nice. The beaches here are filled with rocks, gravel and seaweed. If you’re lucky, you don’t slip and fall and knock your teeth out on the slimey rocks by the water.Shiny! Ehrmegerd. Another piece of concrete divinity.And theeeen, Mooneyes. Where things tend to be yellow. Thats cool. I like Mooneyes. I also like this bike.This would fit nice in my garage. When I get one.I just wonder why I got on the plane back home when I see all this pictures. Listening to the rain thats been falling for days now.. I need tiki drinks and huge piles of chocolate chip pancakes! And a green card, thankyouverymuch.

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