Weekends go by too fast!

Had a very fun-filled weekend. Didn’t do much on Friday, but Saturday I got to skate! Me and two of my friends went to a park with a concrete court made for skaters. I tested my vintage skates, and wow, I fell on my face a couple of times! Haha. No toe stop, it will take some time getting used to that!My new babies<3 Now I need a set of harder wheels, the outdoor wheels are too sticky for the kind of skating I’ll be doing now. I also want them smaller than my outdoor wheels. But the boot is very comfy! And not as stiff as I feared. No big difference from my Antik derby skates.After us girls had skated for a while we headed back at Stan and Lillian’s place to grill some meat. Yeah!Yum! While the boys was taking care of business us girls spend some time in Lillian’s greenhouse nipping to some wine. I really enjoyed this day, all 6 of us together. Not very often we all have time to meet up and just hang out.We also took a short ride in Stan’s bus from 1959, like down the street and then we had to turn back because he was out of fuel. Hehe.The bus is a Volvo. Someone used it as a camper, so there are 9 beds in the back. It just need to be freshed up a bit and then we can all go on a roadtrip. That would be awesome!Today there was family time on the agenda first and then we went to a cars and coffee-meeting. This is Stan’s car for the day. I love it! Very few classic cars at the meeting sadly, but I got the eat at Burger King so I’m good.

Let’s hope next weekend also brings good weather and good times!

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