Shoot with Delicious Dolls Magazine

Thought I’d share a few photos from the shoot I had with Delicious Dolls Magazine and Soliz Images Photography, the shoot took place at a mid-century house. It was in the garage (and WHAT a garage!) with cars (the cars, THE CARS!). I also took some shots of me wearing the gold lame suit I was in the swimsuit contest with.

Hair by Dianna Prince

Make up By Tai MUA (Makeup Artist + Photographer)

I got 20 edited images and they’re all great. I don’t have shoots too often, so I tend to get nervous before each and every one. And I can tell by the pictures, I kinda ruined many of them by being to tense in the face. Its something I have to work with, but it really bugs me when the rest of the picture is good. I really wish I lived in a place where pinup is more common and where things happen more than once a year! I need my practice! Wah.

All in all, I made some good experiences with this shoot that I’ll learn from. And I got to hang out in a really cool garage and a lovely pool all day! Not to mention all the nice people I met there, from the photographer, hair and make up-people to the other pinups present.

Stay tuned for more pics from other shoots I did during Vegas 😉


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