Behind the scenes with DD Magazine

Here’s some pictures from behind the scenes from my Delicious Dolls Magazine-shoot.

This is the hair stylist Dianna Prince and me. Check her Facebook page, Hair by Dianna Prince

Such a cute car! I also want a big, nice garage with room for more than one car.

This is just beautiful. Say no more.

By the pool. These pictures turned out great even though it seemed so dark in the shadow. Thats the fun part of shooting, things always turns out so much better than you think! I admire photographers their ability to see things, they just know what will work and not. Its like magic!

I love shooting in Vegas. First of all, its always warm and sunny. And there’s like a million places to shoot, so much cool sites! And there are A LOT of photographers, stylists/mua and other pinup girls with experience from pinup-shoots. All in one place. Then there’s Frankie’s, Arizona Charlie’s, Chicago Joe’s, Casa de Don Juan, Glam Factory Vintage, House of Cheer… the list goes ON AND ON. And all my friends there! ❤

One fine day, Vegas, I promise I’ll come over and never go back!

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