May 17th, the Norwegian Constitution Day

For the first time in years I actually had the opportunity to enjoy the Constitution Day. Got a new dress and everything! In my twenties I didn’t care much for this day, but now I love it! I love the marching bands, I love all the beautiful bunads and I LOVE how we celebrate! Took a few pictures, I must admit I’m really lazy at doing that. I like to enjoy the moments so I always forget to have the camera ready.

This is the backyard of the building where my mum and dad lives. Decorated with some flags for the occasion.

On our way to my parents we had to weave through the parade that was ongoing. There are three parades in my town, one in the morning for kids and schools, one mid-day for organizations (like dance studios, choirs, charities etc) and one in the afternoon for the russ. The russ is the seniors who graduates college.

Mom’s table decoration 🙂

One of many marching bands practicing before the parade.

The ladies in this picture is wearing their bunads, only they got capes over so you can’t really see how they look. Beautiful piece of work!

Gay youth organization lining up (yes, there was more of them when the parade started :-p)

Aaand some vikings. This is Norway.

Last but not least; me! Since I don’t have a bunad (wah!) I go for wearing the colors of our flag 😛 Red, white and blue! And the yummy cocktail I’m holding is a side car. Gots to have cocktail when watching parade!

Had a very nice day with my parents,my grandmother, three sisters, their kids and my husband with good food, good drinks and good company.

If you want to read more about our celebration, the russ and the parades click here 🙂

Hooray for 17th of May!

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