Girl skate

A few weeks ago a girlfriend and I went to girl skate at a place called Trikkestallen. Thats where all the cool skaters hang, and the nervous coward ones like me. Haha. Never tried ramp skating, but it was fun! I’m going back again for sure! Just need my skates with toe stops, had to borrow my friend’s skates for this.

Showing off at a ramp. It doesn’t look like much here, but DAMN, it was steep! Scary shit. I chickened out on this one but I did go down another one (its just outside this picture) after some shaking at the top. And when the little girl skaters came over to watch and started counting me down I HAD to go. Haha!

First time in this too. Boy, my muscles were sore after this! Jesus. Activated dormant body parts I didn’t know I had:-p

Looking dorky in my helmet. And my skin matches both the t-shirt and my hair! Haha. I got really warm by this kind of skating, WHAT a workout! But, oh, so fun!

Next time I’ll be tearing the place apart, just you wait!

Pictures taken by Idunn, check her blog also:

(She writes in Norwegian, but you can always look at the pictures 😉 )

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