Miss Pinup Scandiavia 2015 final

I just got home after a very fulfilled weekend in Avesta where the Rat Fink Reunion and Miss Pinup Scandinavia-final was held. When we left home Friday morning it was raining and it was cold but the closer we got to the destination the warmer and sunnier it got. After six hours of driving it was VERY nice to sit out in the sun and have a cold beer! And a bottle of cava. Maybe two. Who’s counting, anyways.

I got to meet all of the finalists, we all stayed at this kind of bed and breakfast place, a canoe center, and it is beautiful there! Swedish countryside at its finest. And I tell you, the girls are so cute and always smiling! No wonder I love pinups. So Friday was mostly just hanging out getting to know each other. It felt good not to be one of the finalists this time, I could just relax and enjoy. Last year I was a bit more tense, haha. Now I didn’t have to go on stage, yessss. I had the very big honor of being one of the judges since I represent Pinup Norway. And like last year there was only one girl representing Norway in the final. She did great! Much more relaxed (or so it seemed, she was a bit shaky afterwards) than I ever was and it was great to actually meet her in person and just talk. I’m kinda on my own up here in the North of the country and I have really missed to have someone to work together with in this mission to spread pinup in Norway.

Ok, less talk – more pics! And prepare for link bonanza in the end, all these people I want to share with you guys!

Here we are at the barbecue at Mooneyes Sweden, all the contestants, judges and Håkan from Mooneyes. No wait, not all of the judges, two is not in this picture.

This is the last picture of the girls before entering stage. The rod belongs to Peter Sandberg, vocalist of The Go Getters. They played at night when there was a party and crowning of the new Miss Pinup Scandinavia. They played at Viva this year, my very first encounter with the band, haha. Great live band!

I just love this! Evil de Nets (the girl holding the selfie stick) was making sure that the stick actually showed, haha. And Sini Ariell holding the remote control, haha! If you don’t know who that girl is then you are missing out! She is a riot!

(Picture taken by Peter Arwidi / Independent Studio)

Final is on!

(Picture by Tony Klintasp)

This is such a great shot! And look at Sini’s eyes in this one. Wow. She is flanked by the Swedish pinup mama herself, MirAnna Lamore and finalist Riona Rose from Finland. She taught me how they say «cheers» in the cussing old sailor way in Finnish.

Aaaand, last but not least, I present to you the winner of Miss Pinup Scandinavia 2015; the lovely Ginger Ale from Finland!

(Picture is by Peter Arwidi / Independent Studio)

I’m full of mosquito bites, my feet hurt, I’m hung over and I’m tired as f*ck. I had so much fun this weekend, I’ve been laughing my ass off! And I wish this lasted forever. I don’t want to be back home all alone, I need pinups in my life! Waaah!

And you know what, I’ll post a link bonaza tomorrow. I’m beat. I needs to rest. Or maybe I just need a drink. We’ll see.

3 kommentarer om “Miss Pinup Scandiavia 2015 final

  1. Thank you so much for the great time this weekend and that I finally got to meet you in person ❤ Wonderful to share the pinup spark with someone from my own country – AT LAST! 😀 Had a blast and Momma Pinup was a great support to have when competing ❤ 😀


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