What is in my…. closet?

Stealing this idea from a friend of mine, she blogged about what’s in her roller skate bag. I thought I’d show some of the clutter thats in my walk-in closet :-p

Starting with my vanity. The mirror makes it look like a total mess but it’s not as bad as it seems :-p The vanity is in teak and from the ’50s, I love it!

Some of my dresses, some new and some vintage. I got most of my clothes in the camper back home in Norway (this is from my apartment in Sweden).

And of course my vintage skates got their space, too! ❤ True love!

And my retired Bont derby skates also. These are custom with my derby name embroidered on the z-strap. Really awesome skates, light as a feather and REALLY low cut. Its like rolling on air!

Aaand some more clothes. I got most of my vintage clothes hanging and my repro/not so old clothes folded in this shelf. Since there is winter here I need some sweaters de luxe, and I just don’t have room to have it all on hangers. I need more space!

Some of my nail stuff. Real eBay, straight from China. I’m an amateur when it comes to nails, so it works for me. When I get rich I’ll go to a studio and get my nails done properly. Oh, how I long for that day!

Well, that’s it for now. Expecting guests any minute now so I don’t have time to take any more pics. So you won’t get a glimpse of my underwear drawer, perv!

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