Busy weekend

Had a busy week and weekend planning and hosting a car meet with Bad Boys Cruisers CC. It’s the first meet we ever had! Also some friends (one of them a Photographer that photographed during the meet) visited. So we had some things to prepare!

Everything went well and for once the weather was nice! A bit windy but as long as the sun shines I’ll live with that. I’m not posting pics from the event now, it will be published in a Magazine near you soon 😉

I have just been dead tired since Sunday now, hope it will help to charge the battery today so I’ll be good to go tomorrow.

Let you in on a little secret; I designed the logo for Bad Boys Cruisers CC back in the day. I love doing stuff like that! If I only was smart enough to get an education within the field when I had the chance. But I was so sick of school I just wanted a job. Ah well.

And next year the meeting will be even better! I have lots of ideas and a year to work with them 😉

Next on the schedule: The Walking Dead. Just started watching it from season 1, STILL waiting for season 4 to air! And season 7 of Mad Men… Gaaah!!

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