There is a first time for everything!

Today I did two things for the first time; I shaved with an old school safety razor and I made a whiskey sour to go with it.

I really like all the old stuff so why stop at wearing vintage clothes and decorating my home with mcm furniture? Why waste a ton of money on these crappy modern razors when I can use the stuff from way back when? So luckily my husband has both a knife and a safety razor, and since I didn’t feel THAT brave I went for the safety razor. My legs and underarms got the VIP treatment followed by a steamy, hot bath with a bath bomb that really oiled up my skin. So now I’m soft as a kitten!

And lately I just found a new love for whiskey, that stuff is really good shit! So I looked around in our bar to see what we have, mostly booze – not so much to mix with, haha. I googled for whisky based drinks and used what we had to make a drink; whisky sour. Yum! When I get money (you know, STILL waiting for my money from the two bankruptcies this year) I’m getting more stuff to mix with. I want to try the Old Fashioned. Yes, I have watched too much Mad Men. No wait, there can NEVER be too much Mad Men!Just look at that baby. Come here, you!

                 And this is how happy I was afterwards, all überwarm after the bath (phew!) I just love this shower cap, hahaha. Driving Miss Daisy in the bath tub.

And yes, the safety razor is a Gillette and I also was this happy after I used when I saw the result! Much less effort than I usually have to put in, the whole process was smooth and easy. Hallelujah!

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