«Stupid is as stupid does»

…she said and entered a submission to the Miss Viva Las Vegas pinup contest for next year.

Even if I do this all for fun, I’m not into the competing at all, I know I will shit my pants if I make it. But really, deep down, I don’t think I stand a chance. Just look at the winner (and the runner ups) from last year! WOW! Just wow. They are so elegant and graceful! Me, well, I got two left feet. I start to mumble when I get nervous and I forget what to say. Thats my «on stage and all eyes on me»-mode. But hey, lets not worry about that now. First, the judges pick 5 that get a spot, then the contestants get to vote 1 in and then, in January 2016 people get to vote for last 6 finalists. Its like getting through a needle’s eye!

It would be fun though. I really want to put Norwegian pinups on the map, maybe get a little coverage here (yeah right) so people can get to know this fantastic lifestyle/mindset! Like I said, I’m really NOT into the competing-part. I don’t like that at all actually, because sometimes it feels like you have to sell yourself as a product. That you have to put on a facade just to get people to see you and get their attention, and then it feels fake to me. If people can’t see me without me having to put on a show then I don’t care. I’m a great, kind and fun person – its just hidden a bit under that thing called «introvert». And for me, super-outgoing persons need not be the most interesting ones. I’m interested in the real YOU, not how funny you can be at a party or how much you can brag with your competence. I like persons who’s relaxed about who they are, people who don’t always have to please all the others just to be liked by everyone.

Anyway, I keep thinking it was a bad idea to try this but I should give myself a chance :-p Yeah. Nah… Yeah.

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