Becoming a pinup

Becoming a pinup, my story

For me this was kinda random. Before I got into it I had now idea what it actually involved. Pinup is not a big thing here, and its not like the American way of doing it. Not the same focus of giving back to the community at all, not by far. And I didn’t know that its all about being a woman, support your sisters regardless of age, body type or how they dress.

I had just seen all the gorgeous pictures all over the Internet and thought it was more like modeling in general – you have to be pretty and have a slim body to be someone. Thank God that is not the case! I would have been screwed..! Ha.

So when I for some reason I honestly don’t know entered the Miss Pinup Scandinavia 2014 I had NO IDEA what I was getting myself into. Since I didn’t expect to be in the final at all I didn’t research the subject either. When I was told I was picked as a finalist I had to get some good quality photos, since I obviously didn’t have any. Clueless!

But I’m glad I sent a submission, I can promise you I NEVER would have set foot in a studio for pinup photos. And then I never would have gotten the chance to be a part of the pinup community, which I LOVE. For me, the best part with pinup is all the friends I’ve made. All the sweet women who’s always there, even though they are half-way around the globe. The network is worth its weight in gold! Just reach out and you will get support, help, comfort, pep talks.. anything you need!

And girls, or women (which you prefer) – EVERYONE can be a pinup! If you want to try, but think you’re not good enough YOU ARE WRONG. Please don’t let insecurity and bad self-esteem hold you back, because that is all in your head. The rest of us see YOU, a person worth loving, with a beautiful smile and a body that only you have.

Pinup has been a great help and support for me in my darkest hours. I’ve struggled with anxiety and depressed emotions for years, and I am just so sick of it. Because its not ME, I’m NOT a grey, meaningless creature. But that is how I feel, and that is no fun. Pinup has helped me break out of my shell a bit, little by little I’m coming back from that deep hole I’ve been living in. Babysteps are steps too.

If there is something you wonder, worries you might have or any questions at all – please don’t hesitate to ask! Send me a mail, PM me on FB, anything and I will do my best to help you out. I know EXACTLY how you feel about yourself, believe me, I feel that way too! I’m just sick of it and I want to help other girls/women kick that stupid self-esteem in the ass! And show that YOU CAN DO IT! Yes!

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