Pinup and charity

As I have mentioned in earlier posts, what I love about pinup is the effort we take to give back to the community. In this post I’m presenting the biggest organization I am involved with;

Heels For Combat Boots!

Heels For Combat Boots (or HCFB) was founded in February 2014 by Kati Sorensen, aka Riskay Business.

The purpose is to assist veterans and servicemen/women with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder/Traumatic Brain Injury (PTSD/TBI). The organization raises money in different ways, such as raffles and fundraisers, and even got help from The Pink Elephant Pinup Magazine with a special fundraiser edition. Every year HFCB releases a calendar featuring girls from the organization and a book with stories from veterans. HCFB also assist individuals with their needs, like treatment programs, day to day issues and volunteer at veteran events.

Even though this charity only has existed for soon to be 2 years now, its already spanning worldwide with chapters in the States, Europe and Australia. It has grown so fast!

I have been involved since 2014, a few months after it was founded. And even though I’m like a «ghost member» I love seeing all the good work HFCB and the girls do! Since I do live in Norway, its kinda hard for me to participate at events since most of them happen in the States. So I have felt like I’m just creeping the community group, but I try to do what I can. I donate money every now and then and last year I did submit a picture for the 2015 calendar. I share stuff on Facebook. Still I wish I could do more! And I also wish that more Norwegian girls joined! The curse of living in a small country with few pinups and a completely different approach to the whole «give back to the community» thinking.

When Kati/Riskay Business reached out to me on Facebook presenting herself and Heels For Combat Boots I had just started out doing pinup. Like, 3 months earlier, haha. I had never heard of HFCB so I was kinda sceptic. Why would anyone give me a chance to be in a calendar just like that? Fishy. But I did my research and it looked like she was telling the truth. Then I got like «Wow, American charity wants ME to be a part of it?» and I felt honored. I always known how big deal it is for Americans to do charity work, to give back (and I love you guys for that!), and being a complete rookie at everything regarding pinup it just made me feel noticed. That my presence mattered. It may sound strange but for a pinup girl with like 3 decent pictures out there and also Norwegian (the American pinup community is HUGE – lots of potential members there), I felt a little proud to be asked to join. Needless to say I accepted! And I have been a part ever since, and I just got my application for 2016 approved! I was nervous about that, lately I haven’t been so active with sharing stuff and I understand that HFCB has no use for members not really doing anything. First I thought that I should just not apply for next year, I probably wouldn’t make it anyway. But then I thought, so what? I would have been fine with that although it would be sad, charities do need their members to take their share of the load. So what if I get rejected for 2016? I can always apply for 2017, and then I at least would have made the effort to stay instead of just disappearing without a word. That didn’t feel right.

When you’re a part of HFCB you get friends all over the world. You can always reach out and someone always answers. Always. I’m not very active in our closed group, like, I don’t start conversations and post stuff every other day, but I’m there. I love to read all the posts (and I do respond from time to time:-p) and see all the good things happening inside the organization. Like I said, you can just reach out and ten seconds later you have support. Love. Help. Its amazing! I kinda use the group for comfort, whenever I’m feeling down I always find something in there to make me feel positive again.

HCFB has kinda always been a part of my pinup career (wow – career, such a fancy word!) and it just feels good to be a part of it. I just have to as long as I’m doing this, haha. I’m grateful for getting to be a part of it and I look forward to 2016 and what it may bring!

If you are curious of Heels For Combat Boots, please visit these links:

HFCB Website:
HFCB GoFundMe:
HFCB Store:
HFCB Instagram:

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