Pinup and charity, part two

Pinup and charity goes hand in hand, and here is another charity I’m involved with;

The Wilhelm Foundation

The Wilhelm Foundation is Swedish, founded by a mom and dad who has lost three children who suffered from undiagnosed brain diseases. Their aim is to help others in the same situation by raising money so there can be more research on brain diseases, so the doctors will know more about it and give children the right treatments and medications.

A big part of having a child with an undiagnosed brain disease is not knowing whats wrong, not knowing if it is hereditary or not or not knowing if your child will die at an early age or not. It also affects your life having a child with challenges nobody really know anything about.

A part of the funds raised will go into organizing a world congress for specialists on children  with undiagnosed brain diseases, in an effort to build networks around the globe that in turn could lead to more answers. In the future the foundation also want to organize a world congress for parents, too.

Through my membership in Retro Pinup Sweden I contribute to The Wilhelm Foundation by raising money at events arranged by Retro Pinup Sweden, and as a finalist in Miss Pinup Scandinavia 2014 I walked around the car show at Rat Fink Reunion with a collection jar and got donations. I had never heard of this foundation before I got picked as a Miss Pinup Scandinavia-finalist, but now I see how important it is to help the foundation reach its goals. These are children with diseases that needs help! But not everyone gets help, because the doctors can’t really tell whats wrong. Lives are shortened due to lack of proper treatments and you as a parent know that there is something wrong with your child, but you don’t know what. When people ask, you can’t come with a straight answer. So its not only the challenges you might have with your child, its also the challenge with authorities, medical personnel and the people surrounding your family.

Please visit the website for the foundation and please leave a donation! Every penny counts!

Website (English): The Wilhelm Foundation

Website (Swedish): Willefonden

Retro Pinup Sweden

Pinups & Kustoms Magazine –The money from every issue sold of Pinups & Kustoms Magazine is donated straight to The Wilhelm Foundation, so you can also show your support by getting a copy now!

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