To be published

Every pinup dream to be published in a magazine or even better; being a covergirl.

I really don’t have a magical recipe on «How to be published», but I have a tip or two for those of you who want to be featured in magazines.

First of all; don’t stress it.

Don’t make it the most important thing for you ever, unless you have a REALLY meaningful message for both you and people who read it. If you make it your goal just because you want to be seen and get a lot of fans, it will wear you out. Also, nobody likes a poser. Think it through, and you also have to take into consideration what exposure could mean for you. How will it impact on your life when you think of work, family and friends. Although pinup is innocent and cute, it can still offend some people. Especially if you’re in lingerie, showing thighs, have a cleavage and so on. If you’re on Facebook, consider creating a page with a pinup name to protect your identity. And be aware that there WILL be rude/sexual/stupid/you name it comments and messages, you really have to be prepared for that. You will even get those lovely pics of random men’s wieners at some point. Learn how to deal with that.

Second; don’t be a cheapskate.

Yes, it may be expensive but in the long run its worth it to pay for a good photographer. You need pictures of good quality and a good photographer also helps you look your best. If you’re just taking pics to publish on your page or blog, you can talk to that friend with a camera but if you want to submiss a set for publication it has to be high resolution, good quality shots. No exceptions.

Third; DO NOT publish pictures yourself if you want to have said pictures published by a magazine.

It has to be unseen images, if not the magazines will not touch them. Even though its fun to get great pictures that you just love from the photographer, you have to resist sharing them online until you get a message back from the publishers whether they will use them or not.

Don’t lose faith if one publisher turns you down, just try with another. And do it one by one, don’t send to several at the same time because then you might have a problem if two or three wants to publish the same set. And don’t think you will get away with it because that won’t happen. People in the industry notice that sort of things.

Also, don’t try to get published everywhere all the time. There actually is such a thing as overexposure. Don’t nag and beg for it. Be cool.

Things to remember if you do get published

  • ALWAYS credit (photographer, MUAH, if you have borrowed clothes/shoes, if anyone let you use their car/house etc..)
  • Ask for tear sheets from the publisher and save them. You can also make an album on your page/blog so people can see where and when you have been published.
  • Show support for those who helped you get there. Like/share pages or posts, credit when you publish on social media, thank those who deserve it.
  • Even if you get published, the hard work doesn’t stop there. Keep it up and don’t take anything for granted.

In the end, its all about who you are and what you got to offer. Its nice to have a pretty face but if that is all, then you won’t last long. Social media is full of selfie queens and pretty faces are everywhere. Have a message to the people, make them connect with you on a personal level. As a pinup that is incredibly important, that is what pinup is all about. To give back to others. Have a heart that is true, in this world «fake it to you make it» isn’t enough. Be a role model, be true and good things will come your way. But, like I said, its hard work and dedication and you have to remember that nothing will happen overnight.

 Picture from behind the scenes at Delicious Dolls Magazine’s shoot during Viva 2015. In the picture you see Rene Soliz from Soliz Images Photography and I in the back, hairstylist Dianna Prince in the front.

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