I suck at selfies

Yes, I have a blog and I suck at taking selfies. I admit it.

When I look at blogs, the writers behind it often post selfies and outfit of the day. And I don’t know why, but it works! People love that. But still… I don’t know. First of all, I don’t have a fancy camera. And I DO NOT intend to get one either, I’m having a struggle coping with computers and software as it is. Just the thought of having to learn how to use the camera makes me nauseous. And lets face it, a good camera picture do look better than cellphone pictures.

Some blogs, or even Instagram-accounts is just flooded with selfies. And barely anything else. Honestly, I find that boring. Ok, you look good but what have you done today? Where have you been? I’d rather see real pics from your life that shows WHO you are and what you do with your life than your face. Again. 10,000 pics of your face from pretty much the same angle gets really boring.

Once in a while, fine. Even I do that. Every single day, or multiple times a day? Then you lost me. Its just too superficial and a cry for attention. Likes from strangers really doesn’t mean anything, don’t seek confirmation like that. Because people are morons, at times. If one like makes you happy, I don’t want to think about what one nasty comment does. Its just not worth it. People can be cruel and Internet sure isn’t the place to make friends.

But that is not the main reason I don’t do it, its just because I feel silly. And I’m pretty sure people aren’t THAT interested in seing my face every day. Its there, you know. No worries. My oily skin and blemishes look the same as they always have. I can show you my cup of tea, much more interesting. Right now the cup is empty, so next time.

Models who post BTS-selfies are excused, haha. I don’t reckon that as selfies in that way. But «me for work», «me going out», «me for a walk» and such all kinda look the same – ugh.

I’m a person who doesn’t share too much of myself, I guess that has something to do with it. I have friends, not a lot, but a few close ones. And they know me so I don’t feel the need to share everything online. And they certainly know my face so I’m not going to haunt them with it! Ha. Also, I’m probably too old for that selfie-madness, I see that its the younger ones who’s all about the selfies. You know, I actually remember how it was like before cell phones. Before the Internet. Before selfie. For realz.

Life was actually really good then.


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