Here I go again

Another rant. Caused by over-sensitive people who can’t handle bare skin.

Yesterday I logged on to Facebook, only to find 6 (!!) pictures reported. At first I thought it was my pictures, which would have been mind blowing, but it turned out to be 6 pictures from my album with Bettie Page. I love Bettie Page, who she was, her relaxed way of looking at the body, her charm in front of the camera – everything! So its disappointing to learn that someone is offended by her grace and beauty and want the pictures gone.

First of all, this is MY profile on Facebook. I post whatever I want, don’t go creeping through my albums and then be offended. YOU are the one snooping around, you only have yourself to blame.

This is an old album so this means you have been going through my profile, and for what? You couldn’t find any naked of me so then you have to go for the next best thing? I hope you know that Internet is FULL of Bettie Page and that removing my uploaded picture isn’t going to help.

Second, do not friend me when I am a pinup and might show skin if you are easily offended. Don’t friend me and then go through my profile to find something to report. Why bother. It will not stop me from doing what I do anyway, and its better that you waste your time on someone you might have a chance of breaking. Do us both a favor and remove me from your «friend»list.

I know too well that there is a lot of people who thinks us pinups are just whores who likes to show off or something. Or that ANY girl posting nice pictures of herself should be bashed. I really don’t care what your standards are, why can’t you tender people keep it to yourself? YOU CAN’T FIGHT THE INTERNET.

And third, AGAIN, nudity is not negative! Body is not negative! Nipples are not negative! It must be so frustrating to think that and live in this world. You must spend a lot of time trying to force your opinions down other people’s throat, and sitting there being bitter over all this «porn» in everyday life. I am a much more relaxed person and I have a body I accept, and I accept all other bodies in all shapes and sizes. I see beauty – not shame.

And it gives me so much positivity to see things that way. I read EVERY DAY about women that had a rough time because of their bodies that now bloom and get happy and make friends all over the world, because they now love themselves and they love all the different bodies out there. To go from shaming to loving is a HUGE difference. To accept instead of hate. To support regardless of what YOU are willing to do. And to see that skin is beautiful, there is such a thing as tasteful nudes. When you can see the beauty in the female body a whole new world opens up. You see things you never saw before.

But, by all means, you can sit there in your turtleneck and despair. I’m just glad I’m able to live life to the fullest, I enjoy the person I am and I’m never bitter over things that OTHERS do. I’m not wasting my time on moralizing over, yes you said it, OTHER people. You can’t control what others to with their lives, so please stop trying. Worry about your own instead because you are wasting so much time of it.

Also, the pictures reported was taken in the ’50s. That’s a looooong time ago. Bettie Page has passed away, but luckily her legacy will live on forever. She will never stop shining like the star she is.

How about you, negative Nancy? How will you be remembered?

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