Skate night

Wednesday+quads+good friends = Skate night!

Every Wednesday I go skating with awesome friends, we’re lucky enough to have a venue once a week. We just skate around, practice some new moves and listen to music. Very relaxed and just fun. Trondheim Quad Squad FTW!

Thats the thing about quad skates, once you try you’re hooked! When you finally get the grip on how to actually move around in them you just never want to take them off. Nothing beats the feeling of rolling on a perfect wooden floor, it feels like flying!

And a whole new world opens up, all those super cool and fancy quad skates out there! If I had the money I would probably own more quads than heels. Yes, I said it; more quads than heels!

Since I was an active derby-player for about 3 years I’m used to wearing (and using!) toe stops in the front, but now when I’m learning jam skating I decided to take them off. Ha. Very interesting in the beginning, especially for my knees. That one effective stop turned into «how to stop by using your whole bodyweight on your knees» for a while, but now its getting better. Haha. Its fun when you have learned something and you master it fairly good to just turn it all upside down and kinda start all over again. I always struggle with balance, I’m having a hard time finding it so its hard work to go from the «safe way» of doing things to a more demanding way, but that is half the fun! Like I said, its a challenge and I love it!

I keep falling and/or rolling around like a drunk person but thats fun, too! Its by falling and messing up you learn things, sometimes you really need to go out of your comfort zone in order to master new things. And when you do it feels AWESOME when you finally get it! You’re on top of the world! Thats the thing about jam skating too, there is ALWAYS a new trick to learn. I just can’t wait ’til I get so good I can just skate around in a never-ending loop of transitions and cool moves!

When I lace up my skates I just block out the whole world. Its like a time out. No worries, no reality – just here and now. No stress of any kind, because its ok to take 500 years to master a new move. I just do my thing and there is absolutely no pressure. With anything. Just show up, be happy and enjoy the music. Be in your own little world for a while. And we are all there for the same reason; we just love to skate. We share a common interest without competing at all, we take the time to teach and show each other things and we value good friendship and an including atmosphere. I just wish we had more days at the venue so we could skate more!

ossWhat we also like to do is take silly pictures. Like really lame ones, haha. We always post on our Fb-page after each practice, I don’t know if we’re scaring people off or gaining more interest 😛

Well, now I’ll have to wait a whole week to roll again (the joy of living in a winter wonderland….) and it feels like FOREVER! Gah!

If you want you can check our page, Trondheim Quad Squad on Facebook.

❤ For the love of quad! ❤

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