Women in media

Why is it that women in media get treated in such a shallow way?

Have you ever thought about the questions women are asked compared to men? It doesn’t matter if a woman is an athlete, a politician, a celebrity or whatever she is, it still tends to be the same lame and uninteresting questions.

Also, every time a woman gets criticized for something she always gets comments for her looks, too. No matter how she looks. Blonde hair = stupid. Short hair = butch. Breast implants = she’s a fake person. No implants = she got no boobs (haha!). Tattoos = trash. Fat = well, she is FAT, omg. No matter what we do, its always our looks that get bashed.

When did you last hear a sports reporter ask a male athlete about his haircut? Or how he manages to have a career when he also has kids? Or when did a male politician had to answer about his cosmetic surgery he did 4 years ago? Why do people think this is important when it comes to women? Why is it ok to ask about these kind of stuff when its a woman?

Over and over again women gets these lame and kinda sexist questions, and we are expected to answer them in a serious way. «Oh, you know, I just won the gold medal, but what I really want to talk about is the dress I wore last weekend to the gala.» By all means, don’t acknowledge our accomplishments because thats not what we want. Instead talk about our last pregnancy or ask why we don’t have kids.

And the problem is not only the media. Although women can be real bitches (lets just face it), men are no better. When I see comments about women in the media I get chills down my spine. Men are BAD. People in general think its ok to bash, bully and make fun of anyone in the spotlight (come on people, its NOT ok – grow up!) and they do. Jesus. Every inch of a woman gets it, and every time its storming around a woman the commentaries ALWAYS is about her looks. Even though thats not the cause of the storm. She ALWAYS get so much negativity based on her looks. And that is kinda strange. Its not the same tendency with men.

And when people (especially men) think that its ok to treat a woman like that because «she asks for it» by being a public person… Sooo, you think like that in everyday life too? Oh, that girl? She is drunk, you know. She shouldn’t be THAT drunk… And her skirt is short.. She shouldn’t dress like that. Do you ask a friend what she was wearing when she tells you a guy tried to attack her Saturday night? Or do you ask why she didn’t fight and scream? Well, then you are an asshole. And if you wonder why girls don’t fight and scream, its because we get scared. Its because our first thought is to try to survive when someone superior attacks us and we also get scared the person might kill us and that fear can be pretty overwhelming. Don’t ask like that, you’re putting the blame on US. Its NEVER our fault when men think they can just take what they want.

And try to be better than judging a woman by her looks alone. Don’t say she is cheap, slutty, a bimbo, stupid, fat, gross, skinny or whatever just because she is a public person. Also, why doesn’t men like it when a woman answer you with confidence? Why you say or write compliments about her looks, and when she says «I know, thank you» you get all nasty? Our beauty is not based on your approval. Its not like we can’t love ourselves if a man does not compliment our looks. We’re not vain, stuck up or full of ourselves if we like the way we look. If we say that we like it. Its not up to you to decide whether we are beautiful or not. We ARE beautiful.We have the right to love ourselves and the right to be proud of ourselves.

And by «men» I don’t mean ALL men, of course. Or all women. This is just my observations from the media, and luckily I haven’t been subjected to this yet. I guess its just a matter of time because people behind keyboards are just plain assholes sometimes. It just makes me sad when I see people act like that and I also wonder how much of adults these people really are. When they display such childish behavior but in reality are grown ups.. I think its scary. What are these people teaching their kids? What kind of attitude are they passing on?

Just be human. Please. Its not that hard.

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