Vintage treasures

Spent yesterday with some friends and went for some vintage shopping. A great Sunday followed by a not so great Monday morning – the police clipped the plates from my car! Haha.

Luckily it happened when the car was parked outside and not while we were driving it around, because that would mean we’d have to park it and get it towed back here. It was just a question of time before that eventually would happen too, because I should’ve been in for a control which I haven’t. Since this year is the year where my economy has been on the red side due to TWO goddamned bankruptcies where I worked I just didn’t have the money to get the control done. Also the insurance was cancelled. I just got a new insurance though, and some things fixed on the car for the control but I was thinking I could have it checked this week. Or not. Since my plates are gone and I have to pay a fine to get them back. Ah, life, how I love you and your shenanigans! I’ll make a post with some garage pictures too.

Anyway, since I knew nothing about what today would bring I happily swiped my card yesterday. Still worth it! This is just a funny story from the year 2015 – when Karma tried to squash me like a bug or something. Take that, Karma! I’m still going strong, you little bitch!

Ok, picture time!

I guess this can be seen in two ways; really racist or a nice piece of Black Americana. I totally see the racist side of this, but I also see the beautiful side. I think they are beautiful, really tiny and a part of a time where things were really different (for good and bad). And some pieces are way worse than this in how the African people are portrayed. Anyways, I liked them so I bought them.

Champagne glasses! A set of four, this is just so beautiful! I’ve been looking for this kind of Champagne glasses for a long time, but never found any I fell for. And then these babies came along! Yes, yes, yes!

A set of five coffee cups with plate from Figgjo flint, made in Norway. Love the colors and love the gold inside the cups! Too bad I don’t drink coffee myself, haha. I can just sip Champagne while the rest enjoys their coffee.

This is a product sample of Palmolive Shampoo, so this is a rare find. Its a little package with two envelopes of shampoo inside. I just love the design and I’m definitely NOT testing the product! Ha.

And some NOS nylon stockings. These are great for shoots! And these weren’t the only one they had either, so I’m going back for more as soon as I get the chance.

Bought even more crap, its dangerous to go inside shops like that. At least its crap I love (and regular people just see it as plain crap) so I’m very pleased.

Now I have to save my money so I can get my plates back and get the control done! And I’m sure they will find some things I need to fix so its just going to cost me even more. Darned authorities. Ah well, that’s life!


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