Growing up

Inspired by Miss Evelyn-Jo and Dames For Dreams I thought I could tell a little about myself.

As everyone else I was also a kid once, and a teenager. Growing up was good, I have a mom and a dad who’s been married forever and 3 older sisters. I came kinda late, 9 years after my youngest sister. So I wasn’t planned, needless to say. But I was very welcome and very loved! And I guess I still am… :-p We had pets too, mostly dogs and cats. I’m happy I got to grow up with pets. I’m not a cat or a dog person, I’m a cat AND dog person! One of my sisters even had a horse, but I can’t remember him that well. And we had a guinea pig at one point. And a bunny before I was born, they’ve told me it was HUGE!

We do a lot of crazy stuff together, always have fun and laugh a lot. And there is a lot of love and acceptance. You can be just the way you want. Two of my sisters are lesbians, never been any fuss about that. Why should there be. I still love them, my parents still love them, they are still VERY lovable.

So, 3 sisters who grew up together and then me. My youngest big sister is the sadistic one. She invited me and my friend down in her little dungeon in our basement, turned down the lights and told us the scariest stories ever. We were terrified! Haha. What a bastard. I will never forget! And she made me run to the store to get her cigarettes (this was before the millennium, and all I needed was a note saying that is was ok). AND she always gave me a million in change so the cashier had to count it and the line behind me was never-ending.

Then we have sister number two. She is the «good» one, studied hard, did the right things and always so sensible. But this one time in the middle of winter we had a little accident coming back from the store. We had a little hill as a shortcut and the narrow path was icy. I was sitting on a kicksled holding the bag of beers (glass bottles, of course) and my sister lost control and started sliding sideways. She tried to get it back on track but it ended with the sled tipping over and I fell off. The beer bottles where everywhere. And my sister just «Oh my God! The beer! Don’t crush the bottles!» I was fine so and so were the beer. At the same time my sister shouted that she was embarrassed that she first thought of the beer, and not me. Hahaha!

My oldest sister is the independent one. She always did things her way. She started taking classes for driving license without telling mom and dad, she just came home when she finished, slapped the driver license on the table and just «Look what I did». She was out of the house by the time I recall my first memories, so she hasn’t tricked me into things like the other two. But she has always been there. I feel that with age I have gotten a different relationship with her, I totally get that a snotty nosed 5-year old isn’t the most entertaining when you’re 18-19 and flown out of the nest. Haha. Maybe thats a good thing, I had more than enough with the other two devils!

I’m a spitting image of my mom, I look at pictures of her when she was around my age and I see myself. Crazy how much we look alike! My oldest sister has features from dad’s side, and the two sisters in between are a mix. And every person I meet see a different resemblance between the 4 of us.

I miss the years when we lived in our house and I walked to school. I miss the house. Mom and dad sold it and we moved when I was around 11. At that time I didn’t care but now I miss it like crazy. It was a great house and I would love to live in it now! Maybe I could tell my nieces scary stories in the basement, haha. Pass it on, you know. And get a Siamese cat like we used to have. And a Borzoi and a Whippet. Aaah, life would be perfect then!

This post could probably be never-ending but I’m not going to bore you too much. I’ll write several posts instead, and maybe dig up some pictures too. MAYBE. Depends on how I look, haha! Oh, those not so great pictures of you taken in situations you really have no need to have proof of.


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