I had a dream!

Last night. One of those «I don’t get it dreams».

I was at McDonald’s to buy sundae with my friend. She worked there but not that day. The person serving us the sundae was the restaurant manager, a girl at our age with a filthy rich dad as it turned out. We were eating our sundaes but on the way out my friend says «watch this» and heads on over to her boss, the restaurant manager, and without warning she flicks a good dab of sloppy sundae in her face. We both ran like crazy and my friend was like «I hate my job!» and I was laughing my ass off.

Somehow it went from that to breaking in to the restaurant manager’s house. The house was a big, old house that the filthy rich dad also lived in. He was laying on the couch watching TV. As we were sneaking around the house I remember thinking «Hey, I’ve been here before. I’ve painted this thing.» Needless to say, the old man discovered us and once again we ran. We seperated and I ran like crazy looking for places to hide. The old man followed, walking slowly with a cane and even though I was running the whole time he was keeping up with me. Every little spot I hid he was looking. I was so desperate it ended up with me breaking in to another house. Empty, thank God.

As I was hiding in the house the neighbors came over. For no reason, it seemed. The neighbors was a couple and the woman had a letter with her. The letter was from some fertility doctor and they started talking about their troubles with getting pregnant. I felt kinda shitty as I was listening so I revealed myself before it got too awkward. The couple was surprised but didn’t seem to care that a total stranger was in the house. Also, it was Will Smith. 

I left the house but somehow I was still on the run. I kept running and hiding in a never-ending nightmare. I was hiding in the backyard of a house thinking I was safe, but alas. The person living there noticed me and suddenly it was him I was running from. It wasn’t the old man with the cane, now it was Gene Simmons. And he also just walked slowly while I was running like crazy.

In the end he caught up with me and my friend from McDonald’s. And another friend from nowhere. And I thought he was mad as Hell, but no. We were talking and laughing and just hanging out. He also showed us his, umm, costumes. Like, the sexy nun that he proposed I put on. Suddenly I remembered I had an appointment I just missed so I picked up the phone to call and reschedule. And what happened next is was always happens when I try to call/text in my dreams – I can NEVER hit the right buttons. I try and try but its like being dead drunk, completely impossible and I’m getting frustrated as f*ck.

And then I woke up. Thank God. Dreams confuse me.

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