Long time, no see!

I’ve been kinda MIA lately on here, for several reasons.

I’ve been on sick leave from work since November last year because of my mental health and even though I get help now there still is periods where I just can’t really do anything. I just feel empty inside and its just frustrating. Because I WANT to do things but my body is not with me, haha.

I started working out (yes!) which has helped. Only thing is I want to do it all day every day! Considering getting a PT so I can get a good program and also a person to really whip me. I need that or else I’m taking short cuts :-p I’ve been doing mostly yoga and some work outs. I love the classes where we exercise core and/or use weights. So we’ll see how much money I got left after Viva for a PT.

Because midst in all the misery I suddenly got my money I’ve been waiting for since August! I was starting to give up on Viva and that REALLY bummed me out and all of the sudden ka-ching! there it was. I felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. Also like I was dreaming, and kinda expected some e-mail saying «sorry, my bad, you need to transfer all the money back». But no, IT WAS ALL MINE! So now we’re leaving this Friday for Las Vegas! And I have shoots booked! And I get to meet all my friends! All is good!

I have also been planning Retro Pinup Norway’s very first pinup contest together with Betty HellKat! This is big! Or at least we think so, haha. So we have been working hard to get collaboration partners on this so we can make it a great event, finding a place for us all to stay, working with the event that’s hosting us and taking in application for both the contest and the network we’re building. So things are certainly happening! Which is super fun! And it makes me so happy when girls reach out to us because they think what we do is great, and they want to be a part of it. Yaaay!

And then there is Pin Up: The Movie’s online documentary.. OMG. It looks like we’re meeting in Vegas for interviews and stuff. I’m excited but also extremely nervous! I get really nervous when there is something unknown, haha.

When I get back home from Vegas I’m hopefully going to be in a Norwegian contest, too. Which means that I have to get on stage.. Well, we’ll se how it goes, I need to get votes to make it 😉 At least I’ll have a ton of awesome clothes from all the shopping in Vegas!

Anyway, this Easter was spent in Sweden at Elmia Custom Motor Show or what its called. Heard so much about it so why not check it out. The size of it was alright but it was just way too many people there. I don’t do crowds that well and I just hate when there is a line EVERYWHERE. You couldn’t even take normal steps walking around! I got the pleasure of meeting three of my pinup sisters from Retro Pinup Sweden, though 🙂 Totally adorable! ❤

From left to right: Lola van Dee, Kitty Von Puuurfect, me and Sandi Sue. Gorgeous gals of Retro Pinup Sweden!

I also ran into another member of Retro Pinup Sweden, Marty Divine, when I visited Sweet Poison in Borlänge. I’ve heard about that store and that its big, so I wanted to check it out while we were in the area and there she was! She works there, I completely forgot that. Such a sweetheart! And I bought two dresses. I need to be cautious now or else I’m broke before Viva! Haha.

Lots of really nice cars on show, I was a bit nervous about that, haha. I was scared that it would be more street cars and that kind of event but they balanced it pretty good. Also a lot of clothes to buy, which I did :-p

I just wish it wasn’t so packed with people and that more of the «right» kind of people were there. Very few rockabilly/retro people – A LOT of youngsters with saggy pants and dead drunk since early morning. Not my cup of tea at all. I’m there to look at beautiful cars and maybe make new connections, not party in a parked car outside and totally trash the place with empty beer cans/bottles and cigarettes. That will only make the event look bad. I’m not going again and this was my first time.

Richard Rawlings from Fast and Loud was the special guest this year, got a little glimpse of him on his way to the stage for interview. Surrounded by guards. A little bit surprising that grown people act like Justin Bieber-fans though, hahaha! There was a line by his stall so long you wouldn’t believe it. I just don’t care for standing around for hours to get a picture that everyone else got, too. Like, come on, he’s good at what he does but he is still a regular person like me and you. Cut the poor bastard some slack. Said the sourpuss.                I just don’t have the patience for this, feels like a waste of time, you know.

On our way down from cold, snowy northern Hell we encountered reindeers on the move. Yes, we live in wilderness, more or less. Also on the way back when I was driving a lot of cars I met where blinking their lights at me, so I slowed down and yes, there they were again. Reindeers all over the road and by the side.

And these guys are used to humans, they belong to the Sami people, so cars doesn’t scare them. They have all the time in the world, haha. Kept going back and forth so I had to just roll really slow to make them go around the car so I could go on. But I like them, beautiful animals!

A bit blurry but this one was by the side of the car two seconds before. Just eating, minding his own business.

The sad thing about them being used to vehicles is that they get hit a lot because of it. They can be pretty hard to spot from a distance and if they decide to wander into the road you don’t stand a chance. And you hit several at once, too. The damages can be huge on both cars and animals. So in areas where signs has been put out I’m always sitting on the edge of my seat, haha. Luckily I never hit a animal yet (knock on wood).

So, today is Wednesday. Leaving for Sweden tomorrow, then I have to pack (OMG the struggle) and Friday morning we take a flight from Stockholm to the States. I can’t wait!! Feels so unreal. Just a month before Viva the money came. Fix passport, Esta, buy Viva-tickets, plane tickets, plan shoots.. Everything at once!

Ermehrgerd. I need to prepare for tomorrow too, damn it if I forget something important back in Norway! I tend to do that, I know myself that well. I’m so stressed out I’m still wearing my onesie (yes, she said it – the dreaded ONESIE) in the afternoon! I need to get dressed! But don’t worry – I haven’t worn it in public. I’d rather die.

Ok, I’ll go breathe in a bag now.

4 kommentarer om “Long time, no see!

  1. I think you are really really brave writing about your sickleave and the reason (well some of it 🙂 ) I have been there too. Feels great to not be alone. For me they called it «burnout with depr. periodicly» – WAAAY to common these days. Overachevers… Am learning to say no to things and people that doesn’t give something back to me. But somtimes it’s hard. This is part of the reason why I love the «pin up»world… the women in this community are really supporting and boosting each other!!

    Much love, Jessjess


    1. Its kinda the same thing I’ve been diagnosed with, been trying to keep up appearances while suffering on the inside. Not good in the long run, it turns out. And yes, that is why I love pinup too – a sisterhood that supports and back each other up! Hope you’re doing better now😊 big hugs

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