Las Vegas 2016

The highlight of my year is the annual trip to Las Vegas and Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend.

What started out as a fun trip 4 years ago to check out this Viva Las Vegas that I’ve just discovered ended up in making friends for life and an experience I can’t live without now.

Living in Norway where rockabilly indeed exists but it a very small scale it was a real chock to be at Viva. All the people! All the music! All the clothes! Not to mention 24/7 bars like Frankie’s and cheap alcohol EVERYWHERE. I felt awkward too, because I got so many compliments from total strangers all the time. Even though I appreciate it I was not used to it at all. For a Norwegian it feels very weird to be approached by a stranger and be told something positive, haha. I loved it! And still do.

But still, all of this might not have meant anything if it wasn’t for all the fantastic people I have made friends with. Local Vegas people (I love you!) and others from around the world. Australia, Canada, Netherlands to mention a few. Not to forget the lovely Florida people 😉

For me Viva is so much more than a place to show off clothes or «see and be seen» (frankly I don’t care about that at all), its about coming together and share love and laughter. Its like coming home. I’m sure I was meant to live in Vegas but somehow fate messed it up.

Its hard leaving Vegas and all the people, it gets harder every year. I’m always down for weeks after and I really miss my friends. One time a year just isn’t enough, I need more of them in my life! Its just no fun coming home to snow, cold and a life that don’t fit me. I feel like I don’t belong here and that sucks.

Anyway, as always I have taken TONS of pictures and here comes the bonanza!

Breakfast by the pool at The House of Cheer. Living in Dr. Foemmel’s house sure makes life sweet!Relaxing at night in my new slippers from Etsy and IdealHeelsHuge pineapple filled with Pina Colada at Casa Don Juan. A great restaurant in Downtown, Las Vegas.Watermelon margarita at Denny’s on Fremont Street.Blurry selfie from a roadtrip out in the desert. Look at the size of that can!A little find at Charleston Antique Mall. If you’re ever in Vegas to do vintage shopping, then visit this place!Also found at Charleston Antique Mall. Clock nr 2 in the collection! Yay!

I will be posting more in the days to come, did several trips to the desert and shoots and stuff, I have so many pictures that I don’t know where to start! Gaaah.


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