The International Rock a Billy Meet And Greet

This year was the first time we visited Rockin Ronny Weiser Ranch to check out the pre-Viva party there, which is the day before Viva starts.

We’d been asked by Dr. Foemmel himself if we could take Eddie with us and of course we did! We were all so curious of this place we heard so much of but never visited.

The place was awesome! What a beautiful home! And totally packed with hundreds of people. Pool, live music and smiling guests everywhere.The guys taking a selfie 😀 As you can see in the background –  PACKED! Me, Eddie and a lady who sings in a band I just can’t remember the name of.. But she reminded me so much of Sini Ariell I just had to ask for a picture. And Eddie with his great smile, as always ❤This was a great experience! We are definitely going back next year, too. Everyone was so happy and beautiful and just enjoying themselves. Music was great, the bar was great, the weather was great! And every year of Viva I’ve heard people talking about this event but I never got my ass over there… NOW I know how fun it is, its about time!


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