Valley of Fire

I got a tip from Sveinn (yes, the photographer – I’m also too lazy to write his whole name) to go see Valley of Fire during my visit to Las Vegas this year.

It was raining for a couple of days, first time ever in the 4 years I’ve been going to Vegas, so the desert was looking beautiful! All the flowers blooming. There was 6 of us going for a little roadtrip and it was such a great experience! Everything gets more interesting, more fun, more everything when you share it with good friends.IMG_0819It so cool with all the red rocks and red sand! Next year I HAVE to do a shoot here. We came up with some interesting ideas and now I have the whole year to plan 😉 IMG_1289I took about a million photos, I think I’ll post most of them on my page as it takes some time to upload them here. I just want to show you guys how gorgeous it is! You have to go see this place if you’re going to Vegas!All these pictures are straight from my iPhone, no editing. The lighting, the sky, the rocks.. its just so beautiful!

Please remember to bring and wear sunscreen if you’re going, and even a hat too. The sun is STRONG out here. And good shoes for all the climbing because it will be climbing! Every corner of this place makes you curious to see and its kinda cool to crawl all over these rocks and formations. And yes, there is lizards (tiny cute ones), spiders (not so cute but I didn’t see any) and snakes out here (didn’t see any of those either). We also saw jack rabbits and coyote.

I think its about 45 mins drive from Vegas out here and that’s not too bad. You can spend just a few hours here or the entire day if you want. We spent the entire day, but also looked up Nelson Ghost Town while we were at it. That is also a very cool place, and also a great place for shoots! More of that in another post;-)

IMG_3379Flowers in the desert, what a wonderful contrast:-)

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