Nelson Ghost Town

Another little trip we took was to Nelson Ghost Town. We also went for a guided tour in the gold mine.


This car actually used to belong to a friend, he sold it a while back to someone who was supposed to restore it but it ended up here in the ghost town somehow. Too bad, the car is in good condition still.

And this is where we decided to turn around and go back. And book our tour.IMG_2604«Hey, where’s the tires? And the wheel..? How am I supposed go get back now?»This is perfect for road trips! Maybe add a windshield so I don’t have to eat all the bugs.The whole place is filled with cool cars! And some very creative ones, too. The owner has been busy building some of his own.The entrance to the gold mine, I’m ready to do some gold digging!From the guided tour, the guide demonstrates the light the workers had to work in. One candlelight…The canary bird cage. If the canary stops singing – get out of there!Accidents happen :-p Pictures of the poor donkeys used in the mines. They would have them work 4 weeks and then they had 3 weeks off. During the time in the mine the donkeys lost their sight because of the darkness, and after those 3 weeks off they often refused to go back in the mine. The works gave them alcohol so they’d fall asleep and then bring them back in the mine again. Poor donkeys!A mummified little kitten. Poor thing, it was found beneath the house when the owners bought it. Who knows how long its been there.You could spend an entire day out here. So much stuff in a relative small space, haha. Too much to look at! I hope to get a shoot out here next year, that would be amazing!


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