A little update!

Haven’t posted here since September.. Heh.

I’ve been on sick leave for almost a year (again), and my motivation has been zero for quite a while. But, now I’m back! With my ass full, though, haha.

I just started my bachelor’s degree in Cultural Heritage at the university in August, and man, it feels kinda weird to be back in school again! 15 years since I finished college, hahaha. But I LOVE it! The field is so fascinating, I’m really excited for the next 2,5 years. Also, I’m really considering taking a master degree, too. We’ll see. The biggest change is the economic, I’m used to having a decent salary and now its much less since I can’t work full time. Hehe. Even though I wish I could work even less to have more time to study, I just can’t. Hard being a student!

So now I’m spending my weekends reading and reading and reading. Have my first exam coming up December 1st. And then December 3rd and December 9. Lawd! In other words, it will be calm here until December 10th 😉

Other than that is not much new going on. More than enough for me, though. Stress in a fun way, who would’ve thought that even exists? Less social media – more books. Wow.

Ok, just wanted to give a little update. Now I have to return to my books! Up, up and away!

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