Dreaming of Viva…

Finally I had some extra energy to make a little post here… I’ve been kinda overwhelmed since august by all the work school actually demands, haha. Its been a few years since I last  had a class, to say the least. I love it though, it is muy interesting! Also, this could get me a job in Vegas if I play my cards right;-) We’ll see, two years left of the bachelor and after that – who knows?

I haven’t been at the gym since august either.. Gaah. My blog and my body has really taken a this past eight months, haha. Its just so much to keep track of – studying, working, Pinup Norway and being the leader of the fraternity. That’s more than enough! I wish I had a rich uncle in America that left me millions of dollars so I didn’t have to work. Yes, I know, what a first world problem! Today I spoiled myself, first work, then school and turning in a paper, then back to work AND THEN some yoga! Felt soooo nice! Stiff as a log, I’m back to square one apparently. I’ll try to squeeze in at least one visit to the gym a week now. I just hate letting myself go. I like working out and its good for both my body and mind.

Other than that – VIVA IS ALMOST HERE!!! Yaaaaay! I get to see my extended family again! All the feels! Today its raining and the weather is just shitty and I’ve been thinking about palm trees, tiki drinks and sunshine all day. I’m so glad we managed to get just enough money to go this year, it didn’t look good for a while. Working only part-time takes its toll on the economy. This will be such a treat after a period of stress, tiredness and darkness! Shoots are booked, doing only two this year. And no road trips like we first planned, it will be a tight budget but I don’t care! I’m just happy!

I tried (once again) to make it to the Miss Viva Las Vegas pinup contest but alas… It is so hard! I guess I’ll just stand in front of the stage throwing rotten tomatoes on the contestants. Just kidding! …. Or am I..? What I know I’ll be doing is going to the burlesque bingo! I just love it so much. Its the only thing that I MUST go to during Viva, usually I don’t make other plans at all. Haha. And Dita von Teese is performing this year at the burlesque showcase.. swoon! I just fear the line for tickets. Opening at 9 in the morning, I’m sure people will spend the night in line. And I ain’t got time for that!

And in June the 2nd Miss Pinup Norway will be crowned! I love planning and arranging it, last year I met so many beautiful women and had a lot of fun. It much more fun when you’re not shitting your pants as a nervous contestant, ha. Submissions has opened and we already got a few! I just can’t wait to get to the place its held and get cracking. We got so much more ideas on how to arrange it, we learned A LOT last year. Now it will be bigger and better, I swear! And we get to spread the pinup message even more! Wohoo!

Although I’m generally exhausted because of the workload I’m happy. I can’t wait for school to start again this fall with new classes (already looking forward to it before this semester ends), I can’t wait for Viva and I can’t wait for summer! I’m almost like a puppy peeing everywhere out of excitement. Almost. I’m house trained.

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